Video Conferencing


After auditioning for the school musical and sitting in traffic to get to fencing practice, very few students (and parents) have the time to rush off again to meet with their chemistry tutor for homework help. With Mint Tutors, you simply have to get comfortable iConvinient Online Tutoring by Video Conferencing n front of your computer. The technologies we provide create the same one-on-one visual connection that students and tutors would achieve in person, but without the commute. This allows students to schedule sessions during free periods, while traveling for extracurricular commitments, or even in the middle of a snowstorm.


Teaching through video conferencing allows us to be extremely selective when hiring our tutors; it also means we are available to students across the country and world. Additionally, our technology allows for (up to 6) friends to participate in the same session, maximizing convenience and efficiency.


With tutoring, face time is essential. Sessions are most effective once a student and a tutor establish friendship and trust. That is why we put such a strong emphasis on video conferencing. This feature allows students to get to know the person behind college application essay edits or the geometry problem. Moreover, students will be paired with an accessible and accomplished teacher who will mentor them throughout their studies, and this relationship will allow the tutor to develop the best curriculum and progress plan for the student.