When to Start Writing Your College Essay

Submitted by ashley on Thu, 12/02/2010 - 1:29pm

By this point in the year, most students are running on empty. Some are studying for their final exams, others are gearing up for the June 5th SAT, and a very ambitious few are preparing for both. Even though May is a very important month for academics, it also signals the onset of summer mode: the brain’s tendency to completely check out. I mention this because I understand how difficult it is to concentrate when you’re on the cusp of sunshine and freedom, but I’m going to throw a little summer assignment at you anyway. It may seem evil, but I promise I have your best interests in mind.

  1. Get involved. Pick one BIG activity [a month-long language immersion course, a backpacking trip, an academic program, etc.]
  2. Don’t just sit around for the other two months – go to a website such as serve.gov and find a local community service project. Meaningful involvement in your community is a great resume booster, and more importantly, it’s fun.
  3. KEEP A JOURNAL of cool experiences, interesting conversations, fascinating people, or even just humorous moments from your summer. This will provide you with great, SPECIFIC fodder for your college essays down the road.
  4. If you’re a rising senior, sign up for a Mint Tutors college essay package. This will be a painless way to get the ball rolling on one of the most significant parts of your application. We’ll work on brainstorming, grouping by theme, outlining, editing, and ultimately producing something unique and inspired.

Hope to start working with you soon, and in the meantime, make your summer count!